söndag 13 maj 2012


We needed new shoes and the STOORSTÅLKA team decided that time has come for a new STOORSTÅLKA product. We will soon introduce Sápmi by STOORSTÅLKA, which is a traditional Sámi shoe with a STOORSTÅLKA twist. After countless of hours of walking on tarmac and standing on concrete floors, we felt the urge for some new shoes.

We love our feet and they deserve better. Our list of requirements was simple.

- A soft and thick rubber sole
- Sturdy and thick leather
- The flexibility to use the shoes with our without our traditional shoe bands
- Good looking colors

This is a drawing of our final product before adding a sole to it. This shoe pretty much resembles the traditional tjatjegat/čázegat. With the modern comfortable rubber sole, it is equipped for modern use.

Sápmi by STOORSTÅLKA will be available in size 35-46, in various colors and will hit the market soon. Stay tuned for more information.

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